Thursday, September 16, 2004

Hurricane in Huntsville

The wind has been frightening at times. The furniture on the patio blew over around noon. I hauled it all into the garage. Funny thing is, my rose bushes are LOVING this weather.

When John came home, we bundled up and walked to Aldrich Creek to see if it was flooding yet (it wasn't) and on the way back saw that our backyard gate had blown open. We locked it back up and braced it with concrete blocks... then realized that we couldn't find the cat. John went one way, I went the other, calling for the cat up and down our block. I walked to the main road behind our house afraid I'd find him splattered on the asphalt. When I got back, the furry little bastard was sitting on the back patio.

Several times we heard sounds overhead that sounding like trains or trucks. I'd guess that we were hearing tornado's that hadn't touched down.

We curled up on the couch to watch "The Return of the King" DVD, and 15 minutes into it, the electricity went off. We stumbled around the house for candles and radio batteries, then it was back on around 7:00.

Right now we've got the windows open and it just sounds like another rainy night.
My letter to CBS:

Neither George Bush's nor John Kerry's military records interest me with regards to the upcoming election. Actually, they don't interest me at all. I'm not a great fan of either man, politically or otherwise.

However, I am a great fan of playing fair, and of building and exhibiting decent "character," the definition of which includes accepting the possibility that one may have made a mistake, admitting this when confronted with the evidence, doing one's very best to satisfy anyone harmed or offended, and committing to doing better from this point forward.

I am not satisfied that CBS or Dan Rather have done anything along these lines with regards to the TANG memo fiasco. I feel that CBS and Rather have done something that I despise in politicians, or news organizations, which is to assume that I'm stupid.

"60 Minutes" was once an interesting, entertaining, and reputable news source for me. I doubt I'll ever trust it, or watch it, again.