Monday, December 22, 2003

So, John proposed to me yesterday.

Three months after our first date, and after weeks of tapdancing around the marriage issue, we started talking openly on Saturday about the fact that we'd both been thinking about it more and more. Why not just discuss our hopes and fears? What could it hurt? Funny thing is, it didn't hurt anything at all. It felt peaceful, karmic, right, the emotionally logical thing to do.

Then Sunday morning, sitting up in bed drinking coffee after a lovely morning tumble, he turned to me and took my hand and said the simple words, "Will you marry me?" I looked in his eyes and nodded, slowly. It took me a minute to absorb that this was that moment, the one you wait for, the one you end up treasuring and re-telling for the rest of your lives. There was no diamond ring, there were no roses, he didn't drop to one knee. But it was perfect.

He's made it clear that there will be a ring, although strangely, I don't really care. The ring of light around us is the one I want and will cherish forever.