Tuesday, September 10, 2002


I've gotten a buttload of emails and a few phone calls regarding Linda's condition. So, here's the latest:

Mom and I went to see Linda this afternoon. We walked in to her hospital room to find her holding court with a handful of our friends and looking as beautiful and vibrant as ever. If I didn't know what had happened, I'd never have known it had happened. She just looked like she was sitting up in bed enjoying a little party.

Linda loves to explain things, and she's marvelous at it. She'd make the world's greatest high school teacher. She showed us the pictures from yesterday's angiogram, and explained everything... and it was easy to see why she had a heart attack. At some point in her life, the entire left side of her heart just died, no circulation, no noticeable indication. Maybe she'd had a heart attack very young without knowing it -- it happens. Perhaps it's a congenital defect, especially given what happened to her dad.

But the right half of her heart took over and created a natural bypass. If this were going to happen for anyone, I'd expect it to happen with her.

She's going to be okay. She's not going to smoke any more, and we're ALL going to work on our diet and exercise and stress and laughter and thankfulness and life IS good, isn't it?

Thank you, everyone, for your good thoughts and love and emails and calls.
Right-wing best friend Randy (who prefers I call him "Ishmael" on my blog) has offered me a challenge:

Solicit at least one bonafide registered hit to this site, via referrer log or comment, or an email to my blog's contact address, from one or more of the following:

Sean Hannity
Morgan Freeman
Colin Powell

I think I can do it. Anybody wanna help me out?
Angel or Angle??

This is really pretty, and way cool too, but somebody at Strategy Page needs to make an executive decision about spell-checking.

[Link via he of the tater spirits]

UPDATE: They fixed the spelling. Perhaps they read my silly little blog?
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