Monday, August 19, 2002

Let me tell ya a thing or two about my Dawn

I first found her via her hubby Eric's site, which I found via Vodka via Pej via LittleGreenFootballsvia the Instapundit blog chain. I think. Anyhoo, once I landed upon Eric's commentary I found it most enlightning and entertaining, and especially so because he's a music guy. Then he mentioned that his wifey had sprung up a blog of her own. I wandered over there and well, we all know what happened after that.

Dawn Olsen is a sixpack short of an indictment, and she's got a heart as big as all Texas. She's beautiful, funny as hell, and has a voice so sexy it could melt glass. For some weird reason, she seems to love me without ever having actually met me (and vice versa). When she calls me, I can tell what she's gonna say before she says it. I feel like I've known her my whole life, even though I was half-grown when she was born.

I get to meet Dawn, Eric and their kids this weekend, and feed them, and party with them, and god knows what-all.

Let us all pray for my safety while giving thanks for the wacky wonderfulness that is the blogosphere.
Although when I took the test again with slightly different yet still honest answers:

You are a siren.

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You are a muse.

What legend are you?. Take the Legendary Being Quiz by Paradox