Saturday, August 17, 2002

I don't like that Joe Dee Messina's latest videos have her half-dressed and slithering around in front of race cars, she's a real true songster and lyricist and musician and beautiful and and charismatic and gifted without showing off her half-nekked gym-chiseled -body -- can't we get back to artists and poets? And let their physiques be afterthoughts? I feel that I've lost out on so much great music because video killed the radio star smothered the artist.

I remember three years ago watching the Capital Fourth on PBS and seeing Joe Dee there on the south lawn of the White House wrapping that sweaty audience around her hand. She seemed so happy, alive, easy, open. She told the audience that night that a few years earlier she'd spent the Fourth watching the same celebration on PBS and had promised herself then that she'd be on that same stage soon.

And there she was, with an international TV audience in her hands.

I understood because I've aspired to the same thing myself, and she was a small town plump talented chick not unlike myself.

When I lived in Nashville, I heard through the grapevine that she had told a number of record producers that they needed a redhead or two on their labels (this during the early heydays of blondlings Lori Morgan, Faith Hill etc.). Fortunately, they all agreed.

Her music makes me happy. Her voice is earthy and real. She makes me want to sing, even when I haven't vocalized, or when I have a sore throat. Her music makes me thing that she's somebody I'd like to be friends with, and if I were, I'd love to get drunk with her, she'd bring her guitar to my cookouts. I'd go to all of her shows, take all of my friends, and my mom would love her too. So would yours.
My fellow bloggers, help me out here. I'm trying to find a quote that I thought was from Thoreau ... something about the scent of a dog's paw telling all about his travels. I can't seem to find any such thing on the web. Can anybody help me out here? I'm trying to write a poem for a friend.
Dirk of the Small Black Blog is sitting here next to me. Refuses to blog in my presence. What are we gonna do with him?