Wednesday, August 14, 2002

Thanks for the card, Pej, baby. I love you too.
Although I feel pretty goddam sucky.
Actually, life doesn't suck. Period.
I had the most wonderful evening. I dragged myself out of my West Nile deathbed to join my longtime friend Rick at his home for an evening of "organic" music -- guitars, banjos, fiddles, mandolins, dawghouse bass guitars, slide steel dobro's, and all the bluegrass music and good fellowship you can fit into a mission style home in Huntsville's Five Points on a Wednesday evening. I haven't sung or played this stuff in ages, but it all came back so easily -- Jimmy Rogers, Hank Williams, Tim O'Brien, and when we're feeling especially blessed, Bonnie Raitt.

When the music is this good, life does not suck.
Help me out here. I'm on an iMac now and I don't know how to link images to this site. Any fellow Mac-heads out there?
Wanna know how classy my ex-boyfriend is?

First of all, he made me his daughter's godmother.

Second of all, since I'm sick today, he's bringing me soup, rice, and egg rolls for supper tonight. And a quart of bourbon as enticement to get well already.
Hey, does anybody want to submit a logo for my site? I'm going to move to Movable Type before long and I'm thinking about selling stuff on and need something to print on t-shirts, mugs, whatever. We can make a deaL.
Ugg. Fever sucks
Just for the record, there ain't nobody I love more in blogland than Dawn and Pej. Dead fucking tie. I'll see both of 'em nekked before all is said and done, and a good time with be had by all. We'll post pics too.

I'm sure that this comes as an enormous surprise to everyone. I need some aspirin.
Since I have a bit of a fever today, I have few brain cells with which to work -- can somebody figure out for me why I can't get my hotmail account to open? I'm getting a message about how the signature certificate has a bogus algorithm or something. I'm running an iMac OS 8.5.1 via goddam broadband.

Somebody please fix it and wake me up when you're done. I'll make it worth your trouble.
The hijacking has begun. Everybody get over there and comment the guy into submission or email him or whatever.