Tuesday, August 13, 2002

The otherwise well-informed and most astute blogger extraordinaire and gardener Tony Woodlief just emailed me with the following:

I'm having trouble reconciling "party" with "a bunch of bloggers." Have you discovered some ultra-hip part of the Blogosphere that I've been missing?

Any takers?
Not to mention that Dawn and I are both feeling pretty randy these days. No telling what kind of cheap, tawdry tales and pictures could emerge from the festivities.
Menu for the Cleveland 44/33 Blogger Fiesta

Yours truly is in charge of all food preparation. Please explain to me again why you won't be there?

Black bean chili -- vegetarian or even vegan if you don't pile on the sour cream and pepper jack but I personally do not wish to live a life sans cheese.
Whatever meat/chicken/brats/burgers the guys feel like burning on the grill.
Honest to god cornbread. Not that Yankee crap, the REAL stuff.
Some kind of salad or something.
Pecan pie.
Baseball cake -- long story, but it's so good it's worth the wait.
Plugged watermelon.
Knock-you-nekked margaritas.

And for breakfast Sunday morning, Baked French Toast with the fruit du jour, and the requisite pitcher of bloody mary's.

RSVP already, why dontcha.