Thursday, August 01, 2002

Okay, listen up people. Everybody who's using the aforementioned YACCS, I can't get your websites to open up. Is it just me? It's been this way all day. Sites using enetation etc., are working just fine. The YACCS homepage doesn't even appear to be up. What gives?
Until SUCCS YACCS stops hosing up my site, I'm dismantling it. I'll put it back when they get over their current complaints.

UPDATE: Actually, no, I won't. Netcomments seems to be just fine, thank you.
Almost forgot! I have a new baby today, of the four-legged variety -- a bichon frise which I pronounce Bitchin' Frizzy. He's got hair just exactly like mine, only all white all over. He's a schmoopy love of doggy goodness. Will post pics as soon as Daddy surrenders the digital camera.
It's so hot and sweaty today that you could pull on a shirt directly out of the laundry basket and after 10 minutes outside it would be wrinkle-free.

That, and the fact that I'm officially unemployed today, is why I'm staying inside and blogging. Thinking about watching a movie to chill things out a bit. Hunt for Red October's a good one for mid-summer -- all those frozen vistas and Russian subs and cold DC rain. See ya in a couple of hours.
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