Friday, July 12, 2002

There are reports that the bomb squad at Redstone Arsenal (here in town) was called to investigate a package that was making the bomb-sniffing dogs crazy. Will report as information emerges (or if I hear something go BOOM down Rideout Road).
110. YACCS too? What is this???
109. I'm about to get mad.
108. What the *&$(*%&$*(%&($*%&grrrrr is Blogger's problem today??
100 Things, but not all in one whack coz I'll have to think about it.

In the spirit of bored navel gazing, I offer up to you, my devoted 8 readers, 100 Things About Me Which Will Reveal My Life To Be Even More Mundane Than Even You Imagined.

1. I wear one fragrance only: Van Cleef & Arpels' "First."
2. I've worn it for more than 20 years.
3. I like Brussels sprouts.
4. My ex-boyfriend is stil my friend, even though I told him to go to hell the other night and kicked him out of the house for being belligerent and drunk.
5. I was belligerent and drunk, too.
6. I have a raised-bed vegetable garden.
7. I live in a house that's kind of boring on the outside but really cute inside.
8. I play the piano.
9. I play the piano by ear.
10. I studied opera for a couple of years.
11. I can play the flute, too, but it's been a while.
12. I went to college on a full four-year music scholarship.
13. But I majored in journalism.
14. My first instrument was the accordian.
15. I bought it for $5 from a neighbor's yard sale.
16. When Dad came home that night, I was playing "Old Black Joe" on it.
17. By ear.
18. He was impressed.
19. Dad is missing most of the fingers on his left hand.
20. He lost them in an explosion during a rocket fuel test, a few months before I was born.
21. He's left handed.
22. He can play the banjo.
23. He draws me cowboy pictures.
24. I really like my Dad.
25. He can fix anything.
26. Once, he was worried that Mom's gladiolas were flopping over, so he duct-taped them to the house.
27. I have a picture of it somewhere.
28. I like to eat fruit for breakfast.
29. I used to be a vegetarian.
30. I don't eat much meat anyway.
31. I have 4 best friends, 2 guys, 2 girls.
32. I've never been married.
33. But I've been divorced a few times.
34. My last boyfriend was 64 years old.
35. He was a doctor.
36. He was a mountain biker.
37. He was Italian
38. He was bald.
39. Viagra rules.
40. I've never had kids.
41. But I wanted them.
42. Just never had them.
43. Now I borrow other people's kids when they need a break from them.
44. I don't have much of a sweet tooth.
45. I like to cook.
46. Pastries and breads are my favorite things to make.
47. I like all kinds of music.
48. I drive a 1992 Oldsmobile Cutlass.
49. It's a great car.
50. It's my second Cutlass.
51. The other one was 13 years old when I got it.
52. I loved that car too.
53. I drove a BMW convertible for a while.
54. It was a company car.
55. I lived in Canada briefly in the 1980's.
56. It's a long story.
57. I fell in quicksand once.
58. That's what you get for going hiking on the beach wearing white jeans.
59. I once dated a guy for about a year who was a WaPo reporter during Watergate.
60. He was short.
61. He was Jewish.
62. He was bald.
63. He was a real smart-ass.
64. We liked each other a lot.
65. He moved to France.
66. I worked for some really famous performers back in the 80's.
67. I have high blood pressure.
68. I take medicine for it.
69. I get hot flashes sometimes.
70. I don't mind them very much.
71. Just a part of the natural order of things.
72. I have an older sister.
73. We don't talk much.
74. She's kind of strange.
75. I have a younger brother.
76. He's the best thing that ever happened to me.
77. My Mom and Dad have been married since 1957.
78. They still like each other a whole big bunch.
79. Dad loves to mow his yard.
80. I have to sneak around to mow my own yard because Daddy wants to do it for me and I don't think he should.
81. He doesn't like me to work on my own car, either.
82. But I do sometimes.
83. I work in a little pawn shop every now and then.
84. I get to buy things there really cheap.
85. I like to buy tools.
86. It's a fun place.
87. Two of my best friends are teaching me how to shoot.
88. My first time on the practice range I hit my bulls-eye every single time.
89. I felt really butch.
90. I like good film.
91. One of my favorites is "The Scent of Green Papaya."
92. I don't like Woody Allen.
93. He gives me a headache.
94. I like John Wayne.
95. I like Etta James.
96. I like Anne Lamott.
97. I stalked her, sorta.
98. I get all jiggy over Chris Isaak.
99. It's lunch time.
100. I'm going to Greenbriar's.