Tuesday, July 02, 2002

It. Just. Keeps. Getting. Worse.

My gawd, the felinity...!!!

('Nuther chuckle from the Dryest of them all.)
Thus began a frat-house fashion trend

Years ago, when she was about 3 years old, my coyote girl, Elsa (Bingo's littermate), took to stealing my underthings from the laundry basket and either chewing them up or hiding them to play with later. I tried everything to keep her out of the basket, but she was so smart she could find her way through just about any barrier I’d concoct.

One day, exasperated that she had eaten holes in yet one more pair of cotton undies, I recalled that -- when we lived on the farm, if a dog killed a chicken, we’d tie the dead chicken around the dog’s neck and make him wear it for a couple of days (these were strictly “outside” animals). The dogs wouldn’t go near a chicken after that. By that logic, I figured I could break Elsa of her laundry fetish, so I tied the chewed-up BVDs around her head, pulling her little ears through the leg holes. She was NOT pleased, sulked for days, and at one point I was positive I heard her mutter "bitch" when I turned my back.

A couple of afternoons later, I was working in my yard, digging flower beds near the street, when lo-and-behold, the Cute New Guy from several doors down headed toward me, apparently to introduce himself. (I looked quite fetching in my garden hat and gloves, and my hair was really long then and I had great legs, but I digress.) He smiled and said hello and shook my hand and BAM! The front screen door slammed. Elsa was running toward me with a big satisfied grin… and those panties on her head.

Never saw the Cute New Guy again.
Thanks, Chris, for the tech support.

Now that I've sort of got this picture problem straightened out, I'd like to mark the occasion by posting a shot of my very favorite quadroped: Mr. Bingo Pajamas.

Who's the cutest coyote boy in the yard, who? Who??