Wednesday, September 25, 2002

Why I love my .....

..... little one horse town by the sea, as I call my hometown.  This was inspired by David, who was waxing lyrical about the beauty of his adopted home state, Iowa.

Here's one reason:

Here's another:

Both views are less than 5 minutes walk from my home.  Both pictures are taken from the same spot - I turned 100 degrees after taking the first to get the second.  The sea there is the English Channel.  The smudge on the
horizon is France.  The cliffs are the White Cliffs of Dover.  Beautiful, no?

Our winters aren't too cold, and our summers never too hot.  The constant sea breeze means our air quality is high, and the culinary (and other) delicacies of France are close by.

Tell me about your home town.

Group Captain Mandrake


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