Friday, September 20, 2002

Tonight's guest blogger, since I can't type, is none other than Dirk R. Benson, classy ex-boyfriend, son of beloved Polly and Russ, pain in my ass.

Tonight I am Suli's hands... I'm not sure where her hands have been exactly since the Cleveland Blogger Fiesta, so, DON'T BLAME ME! ! !

Let's talk about dogs... I've got 2 miniature dachsunds, who don't believe that anything is larger than they are. If my couch, for instance, is larger than they are (which it is), they will cut it down to size. When I walked in after work this afternoon, they had whittled my King Size Martha Stewart pillow from K-Mart down to weiner size. It was snowing in Alabama. At least in my living room...

Butch The Pit Bull. There are 500,000 pit bulls in Michigan. This I learned on the Animal Planet's version of "COPs." However, I did know [not in the biblical sense] the pit that attacked Suli, and in fact have had my head in his mouth quite a few times and been slobbered by a cotillion of kisses. From the dog. A week ago, we devised a scheme to rescue Butch from his hellish captors and place him in a new home where he'd be loved, but his owners got wise and locked him up in the basement for a few days. Then he got out and jumped Suli's fence, hence Wednesday evening's events.

I'll miss Butch. He's probably dead by now. People, please give your dogs as much love as they give you.

Suli --Keeps threatening to show me her elbow/dog damage, but I'm not a reqal blood-sport kind of guy.

Favorite Bloggers:
DAWN DAWN DAWN, Suli, Rabbit, Asparagirl, Rabbit, Vodka, Rabbit, Sweaty Gummi. Did I mention Rabbit?

Suli loves Pej, but I just don't get him.

Lileks has a kid the same age as mine, so I get parenting tips from him.

Finally, Suli is the classiest ex-girlfriend I've ever had. She dumped me like so much cheap baggage, and we can't let a day go by without arguing spirited repartee' with her.


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