Sunday, September 22, 2002

Tonight's Guest Blogger, David Hogberg of Cornfield Commentary

"Iowa Beauty"

I suspect that when most people think of beauty in the fall, they probably think of the Northeast or perhaps the South.  But here in the Midwest it is exceptionally beautiful in the fall.  Take my adopted home state of Iowa. Right now the corn is being harvested and the soybeans are just a short time from being picked.

That doesn't sound beautiful to you?  Well, here's the Corn Cam. Most of the stalks are brownish-yellow.  But a week ago it was a combination of green and yellow.  Some corn stalks still look like that.  When you drive by it, you can't help but be impressed.

The picture in the Soybean Cam is considerably better.  It's a bit hazy, but you can still make out the green plants with bright yellow speckled throughout.

Finally, the leaves on the many, many trees are just beginning to change color.  You get the whole medley here in Iowa:  red, yellow, orange, brown. If you are ever in Eastern Iowa in late September or early October, I highly recommend a drive north up Highway 151, starting in Iowa City, ending in Dubuque.  You'll be amazed, I promise.

I believe a wise man once said something to the effect that earth is canvass and God is the painter.

Luckily, Iowa is part of the canvass that has a lot of detail.


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