Monday, September 23, 2002

Today's First Guest Blogger: The Group Captain !

Who is Group Captain Mandrake?

OK, I admit it, I am not really Group Captain Lionel Mandrake, VC, AFC, CBE, RAF (Retd.) (Although I did serve 9 years in the UK's Royal Air Force). Mandrake was General Jack D. Ripper's exec in the movie Doctor Strangelove, terribly English and well spoken and, incidentally, my hero.

I am that (apparent) rarity among Europeans: I support the US, especially in its 'War on terror'. That doesn't mean I won't call you on something I feel is stoopid/strange/misguided/whatever.

I have my own Blog over at A letter from the Olde Countrie, contribute regularly to Sgt. Stryker's Daily Briefing, and
write for Blogcritics. Suli, who may offer a defence of temporary insanity when she recovers from her injuries, asked for volunteer bloggers, so here I am.

They built EuroDisney where?
The best thing that can be said about EuroDisney is that it's in the wrong country!

Northern France is beautiful - I live just across the English Channel from it - but empty (Which, incidentally, is why the French high speed rail link to the Channel Tunnel was built in 10 minutes, and the British one - through
a very crowded corner of SE England - might be finished just before hell freezes over).

The top end of France also has a climate rather like that of the UK, i.e. cold and wet late Autumn/Winter/early Spring.  I strongly suspect that the prime reason EuroDisney hasn't been hitting its visitor number target is
that people do not want to queue for hours in the cold, wet and howling gales.  Surprise!

Why wasn't EuroDisney built in Spain, Italy, or Greece?  (Where the weather can resemble Florida without the humidity)  Even the South of France would have been better.  Could it be that the politicians got themselves involved? Unemployment in Northern France is quite high, and it is certain that EuroDisney brought many jobs to the region.

Politicians get involved in a decision that might earn them votes, but may mean the best decision isn't made?  Nah, that never happens, does it?

Group Captain Mandrake


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