Monday, September 23, 2002

The oh so gallant Tony Woodlief (who does not figure amongst my blogparents but who has definitely been a blognurturer to me) has responded in my time of need with such questions! Requiring answers!

I don't think it's been scientifically proven yet, but I have a hunch that in fact there is nothing interesting left to talk about. But since you are, so far as I know (and I'm a trusting soul), a member of the fairer sex, why not enlighten us on any or all of the following:

1) Do lots of women really try to hook up with guys wearing wedding rings, or is that just the story married men who don't want to wear their rings tell their wives? I've not had an inordinate number of women come on to me, but I'm just a sample of one (i.e., maybe I'm just not good looking enough to be able to produce a clean experiment).

2) Why is it that men like for women to dress up in slinky lingerie, but women don't really care what we wear, so long as it's: a) not tighty whiteys, and b) clean.

3) Why do men have fantasies about women with women, but women don't have fantasies about men with men?

4) Why do women's restrooms tend to have ferns and couches and stuff, while men's rooms don't?

5) Why do women go to the bathroom in packs?

6) Is power really that arousing, or is Monica Lewinsky just easy?

7) What's the number one sign that a guy is lying?

8) What's the number one sign that a woman is lying?

9) Which is less arousing -- a guy playing air guitar, or a guy adjusting himself?

10) Why do we always feel compelled to make our lists total ten? Why can't we just stop at nine.

There. That ought to tide you over for a while. My work here is done. Looks like another road trip-induced night of sleeplessness has paid off.



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