Monday, September 23, 2002

Not to be outdone... here is... Acidman!

As a Southern gentleman, I cannot help but offer my assistance to a damsel in distress.  I will blog while
you are healing, and I promise not to defile your site with obscene, anti-social or really disgusting stuff.
I save that for my own page.

I come from a combination of hillbilly and Southern Georgia, USA roots.  I was taught from an early age that manners count, courtesy is important and chivalry is not dead.  Don't ask me what ANY of that has to do with me being here.  You wouldn't understand, and I don't, either.  I volunteered to throw my cloak over a mudhole so that Sue could trod across on unstained, dainty feet.  I am her humble servant. 

I like dogs, but I've never trusted pit bulls.  I like women, too, but I would never marry one who could whup
my ass.  I would never have a dog that could eat me alive, either.  I want to pretend to be in charge of my life, whether I am or not.

That's why I've always attempted to steer clear of muscular women and aggressive dogs.  It's not a bad
philosophy to have.

Dogs DO bite the hand that feeds them sometimes.  They are dumb animals and they become carried away, when instincts and hormones rage in their tiny brain-pans. That's why you should never have a dog that can eat
you alive.  It just might.

The same observation holds true for women.  Yes, women are dumb animals confused by conflicting instincts and raging hormones, and you should feed them with a long spoon if you wish to keep your hand.  A dog goes to sleep and forgets why he hated you by the time he wakes up.  A woman goes to sleep and wakes up hating
you more than ever because of crap she DREAMED. 

A dog becomes savage because it does not think.  A woman becomes savage because SHE DOES.

Of course, this all simply my opinion.  I could be wrong.


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