Saturday, September 07, 2002

Must apologize for my absence of late.

What with fighting the Alabama State of incompetency Unemployment not a trace of a System and all, I've had my hands full these past two weeks. Apparently the all-knowing taxpayer database had no record of my having worked or been paid for the past twelve months. Hm, where DID all those paychecks come from then?

I was laid off due to budget constraints on July 30th. I immediately filed for unemployment, received a letter two days later that I'd been denied, but that I could file an appeal, which I did, and which I was told would take two weeks to process. Fine, I thought, I've got some money in the bank and can squeeze by for a couple of weeks. The results of the appeal arrived. Another denial, because you see, I am a sluggabed, a sloth, the poster child for worthlessness, as viewed by the all-seeing, all-knowing eye of the Alabama State Database.

So, for the past two weeks, I've been at that office every single day, filling out forms, checking the status of my appeal (they do not have an apparatus in place which would allow a person to get this information on the phone), and generally harassing everyone in sight. Actually not harassing.... my manipulation methodology involves flirting and amusing people and getting them to tell me all their personal shit until I've got them eating out of my hand. In this case, not only did I get my appeal settled and approved this week, but the dude (alledgedly) in charge arranged to have my unemployment check term backed up a week, so that my 26 weeks will, according to their records, have started last week. It's all very confusing, and now I have a headache, but at least I've got an unemployment check coming next week.

My homestate. I'm just so proud to be here.


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