Saturday, September 28, 2002

Momma Bear gently tucks Suli into her lair and sez...

MommaBear was MOST distressed to hear that a fellow blogger had been injured by a fellow critter. When that happened, especially in view of the fact that the attackee had been attempting to come to the aid of that critter, it near broke her heart. When Suli sent out a cry for assistance at keeping her blog alive and well, MommaBear could not do but plunge in to assist.

Critters tend to be very elemental creatures. As such, they mostly follow simple rules of behavior, learned early, if not already built in. Many humans do not know enough about these rules, so, when contact between them is made, they come afoul of the critters, mostly to the detriment of the humans.

This case seems to be a bit different, though. Suli is more than well acquainted with critter rules. Whatever happened seems not to be her fault. The critter involved had been subjected to less than humane treatment, which imposed a new set of rules in its head as a matter of self-defense. Given these circumstances, one can only be thankful the outcome to Suli was not worse than it was.

Perhaps this whole sorry episode will serve as yet another reminder that humans and critters must learn how to live with each other in some degree of harmony. Each side has a responsibility to learn about the other, never indulge in behavior that is harmful to the other, and just enjoy the best that can be had from a lovely, appropriate, association. Of course, wouldn't it also be nice if humans learned the same thing about living with each other !!



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