Monday, September 23, 2002

I'm braving my injuries to take this opportunity to say... wow! thanks to all my wonderful contributors! Keep 'em coming too, because I've got a full week before I'll have a useful left arm again. Hence, the one-handed hunt-peck typing method... forgive me my spelling mistakes.

My parental lawn service came over today to mow and trim and help me clean my house. They were their usual hilarious adorable selves. Dad took the back yard, Mom took the front... dueling mowers!!

Breaking news: Spoke with my attorney today on the phone. He's seething, he's pumped, he's ready to kick ass and take names. We have a meeting Wednesday afternoon, then I'll go see an ortho surgeon and later on a plastic surgeon for their assessments.

My entire neighborhood is up in arms over this mess. I've had visits from four neighbors today wondering how I was doing and also what I'll BE doing about this. I told them all that I couldn't really say, but they all offered their numbers and assistance.

Hell hath no fury like Suli pissed off!


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