Tuesday, August 20, 2002

Today was a very good day

Randy and I met at work a dozen or so years ago, when he needed someone who knew enough about MS Word to make some forms for our company's first ISO certification. I was apparently the only person there willing to take the plunge and help. At some point during the project, we started laughing. Then we went and had some beers, and talked, and laughed/drank/talked some more. He and I have been best friends ever since.

Once, over a pitcher of Killians, he asked me, "are we dating, or what?" I thought for a minute and said, "I believe we're... 'what.'" Thank gawd that was settled.

In the meantime, he and I have been through one great big stupid fight, several of the worst romances either of us have ever had, the loss of his wonderful mom, and several other mutual family and personal crises, and still, neither of us can get through a day without calling each other and giving each other all the best kinds of hell.

Today was the best day ever. Randy has been a woodworking hobbiest for years, and once he was laid off from his longtime job in June (for reasons which I suspect have something to do with age discrimination but I'm no attorney so what do I know), he started making his hobby his business. After months of looking, he found the perfect shop space and invited me to go with him to look over the place and sign the lease. Funny thing is, when we were in the conference room with the account representative, even though Randy did all the talking, Ms. Account Rep. pushed the contract toward me when it was time to sign. Randy and I both glanced at each other and proceeded to spit our coffee out on the table. Ms. Rep said, "you're married, aren't you?" and we answered in tandem, "Hell, No!"

Randy and I argue all the time, we've never had sex, and we can't stand to be apart. We must have gotten married at some point.

Once we left the place, Randy did a fucking jig before he got in his truck. We went to Zesto's for a celebratory shot or two of Gentleman Jack.

Please join me in raising a virtual toast to my friend and his new enterprise. I know he'll do very, very well.

Hey, who needs some custom furniture? I know just the guy. Email me if you want the information.


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