Friday, August 30, 2002

Steyn speaks, Yousefzadeh links, and Suli says "amen."

I've been cringing at the thought of what's bound to come down around our ears a week from Wednesday, and I don't mean landmarks, but rather the inevitable commemorative schmaltz. I'm all for putting the halt to speechifying, but what's up with reciting the Gettysburg address? Four-score and seven years ago, my maternal grandmother was born. I'd be happy to stand up and speak about that occasion to this great nation, but I don't think September 11, 2002 is the day to do it, and I certainly don't want to hear about the battle of Gettysburg that day either.

I don't plan to turn on the TV or radio, and I might not even fire up the computer. I'll be spending all day doing... nothing. Other than walking in the woods, romping with my dogs, tending the cool-weather vegetables in my garden, reading the psalms, playing my piano, tickling my goddaughter, raising my new Stars and Stripes on the doorstep. Being grateful for my abundant blessings.


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