Thursday, August 15, 2002

Mmkay, so I'm as bored as hell. Unemployment sucks for so very many reasons.

So, my everlovin' bosom buddy singing partner earth-sister rebel-mama thespian-goddess who gawd wishes would portray her/him/it in the play "I Am That I Am And Let's Get D-o-w-n Tonight" Linda sends me this email:

Suggestions for the Bored to Death.

Pre-plan your funeral. (you might want to get right on this since Death by Boredom seems imminent)

Or - you could rearrange all your closets and color co-ordinate all of your clothes. Of course, separate them by seasons as well.

Comb and braid all of your nose and crotch hair.

Devise and practice your escape plan should your home suddenly be overrun with raccoons, possums, or, heaven forbid(!) really annoying people who only want to regale you with their latest conspiracy theories.

Speaking of conspiracy could start up your own cottage industry creating aluminum foil hats for "those in the know." Easily marketed via "blogs" or internet chat rooms, this is an inexpensive start-up business for the truly, deeply bored - yet creative individual.

I'll admit - these aren't the suggestions you might get from Martha Stewart, but hey - who wants ideas from a future jail bird?


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