Thursday, August 15, 2002

Just coz I'm bored to tears, and my Persian Jew luv hasn't called me yet tonight, let's start with this week's 100 things.

1. I slept in a lighthouse once, on the north shore of Prince Edward Island.
2. Woke up the next morning to the sound of baby seals or otters or something playing outside on the sand underneath us.
3. They sounded like a bunch of puppies.
4. I haven't left the house all day.
5. I had a fever.
6. But I'm feeling better, thanks.
7. My first instrument was the accordian.
8. Mom told me once that the definition of "lady" included a woman who could play the accordian, but didn't.
9. I can play banjo too, but I haven't in a long time.
10. I went to the Alabama Department of Unemployment Insultation the other day.
11. I think the alleged woman who filled out my paperwork was actually Damon Wayons in his "World's Ugliest Woman" drag.
12. She was really stupid.
13. Took her forever to write down my frigging name.
14. If she's an example of what passes for employable these days, I'm safe.
15. I'm having lunch tomorrow with my friend Potjie.
16. He's really cool.
17. He makes me laugh.
18. We need to find him a girlfriend.
19. He's way too good for anybody in Alabama.
20. Except for maybe me, but I like him too much to make a pass at him.


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