Tuesday, August 20, 2002

I feel abandoned

I have had some really good times and have (met?) some fun and interesting people. Rachel, Dawn, Moxie, Jen, Acidman, JB (kinda), Da Goddess, Suli, A Gaggle of Gals, and the entire group at GI Party to name just a few. Unfortunately I have also met some people who are not much fun, that take this entirely too seriously, and dislike me for my opinions alone with no regard for who I am.

Well, R.W, sugar, you being a southerner Texan, that's sort of a matter of course in daily life, isn't it? I hope you'll change your mind. Your writings about your Saudi experiences are revealing and funny and sobering. At least consider posting more of your pictures, especially of Right Wing Grandson. He's a hottie in the making and everybody knows what pedophiles suckers for kids some of us are.


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