Thursday, August 15, 2002

How lucky I am to have spent the last 11-1/2 years sleeping next to a coyote.

Bingo has the most beautiful long pointy face, slitty golden brown eyes, gentle slim feet, and a bushy tail that makes my mom's dachsund attack it as if it were a fucking squirrel the original axis of evil.

He sings, anytime he hears the siren's song. I remember once, when Dirk and I lived together, when Bingo and his sisters woke us up in the middle of the night, sitting under the kitchen window, a trio in formation, singing to the moon in perfect doggy blissful harmony.

They were all three very pissed that we disturbed them.

He understands every word I say. He translates between me and the new puppy. He loves to dance. When I do aerobics ( a rare event) he joins right in. He loves to watch TV. When I fix his dinner, he does the twist, one, two, three times before he eats it.

He's really good at making his own thoughts clear -- change the goddam channel, feed me, rub me, are you okay, there's a cat out in the street, I need to pee pronto, stuff like that.

He came to me as the result of a tryst between a female coyote and something brave -- don't know what, but I suspect it was a shepherd-lab-husky something. I was in love at the time with "C", which is a whole story that I'll tell later. We were spending a lot of time in his cabin in the hills of Tennessee, and had the usual problem of wild thangs killing the chickens and so forth, so we put out these big pans of crappy dog food on the front porch. In no time we had coyotes, foxes, everybody eating that junk and passing out on the porch, and getting really comfy there. The chickens weren't even scared of them after a while.

In January of 1991, the battle of Baghdad began, and that night we heard this shreaking newborn puppy choir under the house. Later on we dscovered that one of the female coyotes that had hung out on our porch had given birth under there. About 8 weeks later the mama criter disappeared and I took a female puppy, Elsa, and my K9 male love of my life, Bingo. I've never had such wonderful, fun, happy, smart critters in my life, ever.

Else has gone on to the happy hunting ground. Bingo is passed out next to me as we blog. All curled up in a furry wild ball. If only I could find me a human guy like him.


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