Friday, August 02, 2002

Everybody knows how crazy I am over this fellow, but he's proven his worth yet again today, this time with his usual brilliance, poetry, and most of all, with his humanity.

A true validation of life is when people bind themselves to one another not for an anticipated year or two, but for sixty or seventy. That is what Stephen and Melissa have done. It brings peace to their lives, but what they may not know is that it brings peace to our lives as well. When two people in love embrace hope, they give us cause for hope as well. And not just a flickering flame--no. This kind of hope is a joyous and rampaging kind, which no form of Despair can put out, which Death itself will never extinguish.

Many, many congrats, Steve and Melissa. She's a lucky girl. You're a lucky guy. Hell, we're all lucky just for having tumbled across one another's electrons.

We'll all be toasting you tomorrow, and for many happy years to come.


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