Wednesday, June 19, 2002

I've hesitated to link to one specific bloggergod because I'm just not worthy to have my pseudonym on the same page as his name.

However, right now, I'm chilled at the words of James Lileks:

...let’s imagine, just for argument’s sake, that Hamas wins in 20 years, and Israel is destroyed, and you find myself at a party talking to a fellow who’d made a trip to Liberated Jew-Free Palestine. No matter how civilized the fellow sounds, no matter how urbane and moderate his demeanor, I don’t think it would be possible to hear his words. You’d hear the crunch of bones underfoot. The sound of boots coming up the stairs.

The story I read about the bombing described one girl who was laid face down on the road side; the reporter noted the long neat braid down her back.

When I was growing up it seemed as if there was just one Anne Frank. Who could have imagined she would have so many sisters?


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