Thursday, June 27, 2002

If you'd like to hear a duck quack, press 7.

Just spent the last hour in the conference room with co-workers learning about our new superduper phone system. I didn't know there was anything wrong with the old system, but I'm not the one fielding sales calls around here. Anyhoo, a couple of things from the meeting were especially memorable:

1. The trainer was a dead ringer (sorry) for Nicole Kidman.
2. It's no longer referred to as a "telephone company," it's now a "dialtone provider."
3. It's no longer referred to as "voice-mail," it's now a "communication transfer system."

Gotta go now, must pick up the Dog-Food/Poop Transfer System at the Veterinary Bill Provider that we may repair to the Climate Controlled Human/Canine Storage Tandem Facility and engage in some reckless Brain Cell Destruction slash Pasta Ingestion.


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